The Idea

Harihar Jariwala, a great entertainer and more importantly - a greater soul - our very own Sanjeev Kumar. Out of the many things he gave us such as laughter, joy and entertainment, there was one more thing he wanted to give the society. A few near and dear ones knew about this hidden dream, a dream where he wanted to help and reach out to many in need.

Amongst all the fame and awards he won, a million hearts he conquered, he also was well known by his friends and family for his philanthropy.

Better known amongst friends and couligues as "Bhai", he always told his family that they should set examples to the society. He believed that apart from being a good human being it was imperative to be a good Indian as well.


Achievements & Awards

  • Won National Film Award for Best Actor(Dastak)
  • Won National Film Award for Best Actor(Koshish)
  • Won Filmfare Award for Best Actor(Andhi)
  • Won Filmfare Award for Best Actor(Arjun Pandit)
  • Won Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor(Shikar)

Government Recognition

  • A road has been named after him in Surat, Gujarat as Sanjeev Kumar Marg, which was inaugurated by Mr Sunil Dutt.
  • A school has been named after him in his home town Surat, Gujarat, and was inaugurated by then Mayor Kadir K Pirzada.
  • A postage stamp, bearing his face, was released by India Post to honour him on 3 May 2013.
  • He is the first and only Indian Actor to have an auditorium in Gujarat named after him inaugurated on the 14th of February 2014 by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi who was then the CM of Gujarat.

About Sanjeev Kumar Foundation

To be loyal to the motherland was Sanjeev Kumar's utmost belief. He once mentioned that as individuals and countrymen of India it was our duty to do our bit for the motherland. It was not important to all the time speculate how much the Government has done for its people, but also in return how much has the countrymen done for its government was equally important, a movement which was driven by compassion and urge to help the people by being good citizens, better known in today’s world as NGO’s.
Sanjeev Kumar Foundation is a national level development organisation(NGO) directly benefitting a large number of children and their families every year, through welfare projects on education, healthcare, culture, enviornment and nutrition in several remote villages and slums in India.

Our Efforts

  • ICU facility in a Hospital in Gujarat
  • T.B Health campaigns
  • Saamoohik Vivah
  • Educated 12 children in India


  • 25
    Years In Charity
  • 12
    Project Handled
  • 08
    Staff Members

Trustees / Board

Jyoti Nikul Jariwala


Vikram R Jariwala


N R Jaiswal


Isha Jariwala