Donate Money

Through Poverty Reduction Programmes, we address the root causes of poverty and help supplement the income of the marginalised, poor communities. The objective is to improve the standard of living of people living below poverty level. The poverty reduction goal cuts across all our thematic programmes. For example while addressing education; we cannot ignore the negative effect of poverty on children’s education. We cannot provide sustainable access to education without addressing the root causes of poverty. Sanjeev Kumar Foundation is making large strides in helping the helpless of India. It is because of kind hearts like yours that we can continue to make a difference. However, the task at hand is huge and we cannot do this alone. The money that you donate goes directly towards expenses pertaining to education, healthcare,nutrition of poor children and adults. By donating to Sanjeev Kumar Foundation you are not only bringing children a step closer to quality education but you are also bringing poor Indians closer to a new way of life. A life of choices and dreams. Please make a donation — large or small — we appreciate it all.

All your donations in the form of money can be made to the following:
BANK A/C NO: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donate Things

Donating items that are in working condition, contain all of their pieces and parts, and are free of stains and rips is the best way to ensure that your goods do the most good. If you’re looking to donate specialty items such as computers, toys, vehicles or mattresses, Sanjeev Kumar Foundation should be the first thing to strike your mind. Many of us have clothing and household items piling up in the closets and the corners of our homes — things that we just don’t use anymore. Maybe it’s an appliance that you no longer find yourself using. Perhaps you’ve bought new dishes and don’t have room for the old set. Maybe you’ve decided that you just don’t need the piles and piles of blankets that you’ve accumulated over the years. Donating your household items to charity can give a new life to all of your useful goods by putting them in the hands of people who need them today. The donated dishes can be used by a person in transition to serve up a warm, home-cooked dinner. And a warm blanket is a welcome comfort on cold nights for our children who are less fortunate. Some families have so little disposable income, they can’t afford any books. This is bad news for their kids.What makes the problem even worse is that 80 percent of pre-school and after school programs serving low-income children do not have any children’s books, either, largely because they lack the money to buy them. We help you donate your old books to such families and children to enlighten their future with the sparks of education.

If you’re a restaurateur, supermarket supervisor or farmer who doesn’t enjoy throwing away food, there is Sanjeev Kumar Foundation willing to pick up your extras. If you have edible food left over from a lunch or dinner service, special event or function, the best option is to donate this food to a food charity. We collect edible food and distribute it to those in need. Massive humanitarian health needs exist for the donations of medicines and other medical supplies to support the relief effort in India. We recommend people to come forward and donate medicines and medical equipments to alleviate sufferings, in times of crisis and emergencies.